• “All in one” Package

    We put at your disposal the “All in one Package”; this includes the complete organisation and details of your stay and your surgical intervention/treatment so you do not have to worry about a thing.

  • Special Offers

    Our special offers are specifically adapted to each patient according to their needs. Our guests’ health and wellness are of paramount importanceto us. Therefore, our offers have been professionally designed, consistently offering the most advanced technology. Our special offers will allow you to reach the best physical and mental balance at the best price.

  • Financing

    Our mission is to offer you the highest quality medical treatments and assistance. We also offer Personal Financing Plans, where a financial assistant will manage your financing project comfortably and will be your interlocutor in the whole process. 


As all our treatments are very highly personalised, the definitive prices will be defined after the medical consultation. We advance minimum and maximum prices where all the medical expenses of the processes are included, including hospitalisation and medicines.



Consultation for diagnosis or advice (except the addiction program and cardiology) 200€
VIP Health check-ups 1800€-2500€
Sports check-ups   800€-1000€
Slimming program 1500€-3000€
Addictions program. Price per day 450€
Programa adicciones. Consultation for diagnosis 300€
Knee arthroscopy 2000€-3000€
Partial knee prosthesis
Total knee prothesis 4500€-8000€
Ligamentoplasty 3000€-4000€
Refractiv surgery (both ayes) 1300€-2300€
Cataract surgery (one eye) 1200€-2000€
Cardiology. Consultation for diagnosis (inlcudes examination) 300€
Cardiac rehabilitation. Price per day 175€
Breast enlargement 3000€-4000€
Abdominoplasty (small) 3000€-4000€
Abdominoplasty (big) 4000€-8000€
Blefaroplasty 2000€-3000€
Braquioplasty 2000€-5000€
Facial lifting 4000€-11000€
Liposuction 2000€-4000€
Reduction mammoplasty
Mastopexy 4000€-5000€
Ears surgery 2000€-2500€
Rhinoplasty 4000€-5000€
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