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Treatment to correct protruding ears, big ears and other disorders of the ear. Aiming to give a natural form restoring the central fold of the ear and the position of the ear closer to the plane of the occipital region. It can be done after 6-7 years of age.

Duration of Results

Permanent (occasionally it can be necessary to do some touching-up after a few months, especially if complications appear).


Surgical time: from 1 to 2 hours.

Anaesthesia: local (and / or sedation) for adults. General for children.

Hospitalisation: adults: ambulatory without hospitalisation. Children: at most, 1 day.

Postoperative Care: bandage around the head with a special band for 7-15 days. Removal of the stitches from 7 to 10 days (the scar is behind the ear). Advisable to wear a headband (headband, plush) for 4 weeks. Back to work activity within approx. 2 weeks. Sport activity can recommence after 1 month.


Day 1

  • Arrival in clinic.
  • Consultation with the plastic surgeon: Diagnostic confirmation and indication for surgery (30 min.).
  • Preoperative test: blood test, X-ray and EKG.
  • Consultation with Anaesthesiologist.
  • Back to hotel.


Day 2

  • Admission to the clinic in the morning and nothing to eat for six hours before admission time. No other drinks or foodstuffs to be taken.
  • Surgery approx. 9.00 h.
  • Stay in the clinic in a single room with a bed for a companion.

Day 3

  • Removal of nasal packing.
  • Discharge from hospital after the surgeon's assessment.
  • Transfer to hotel.

Day 4

• Visit the clinic for wound care and drains removal.

Day 5 to 8

  • The patient stays at the hotel and can do all the activities recommended by the doctor.

Day 9

  • Removal of stitches.
  • Ready to go/fly back home.
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