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Breast Enlargement


In those patients whose breast volume is considered as small, an operation that involves inserting either the subglandular space or submuscular is performed through an incision in the skin (Periareolar or inframammary), a breast prosthesis (which form is variable depending on the case and whose composition is usually silicone) to project the breast.

Duration of Results: Usually permanent. Sometimes, over time and hormonal changes, replacement of the prosthesis may be necessary.


Surgical Time: From 1 to 2 hours

Anesthesia: Usually general anesthesia

Hospitalization: From 8h – 24 h after surgery.

Post Anesthesia Care: After the intervention, placement of a triangular bra, preformed without seams or rims (sporty).

Removal of (intradermal) at 10 days.

Incorporation to normal life approximately 15 days.


Day 1

  • Arrival in clinic
  • Consultation with the plastic surgeon:
    • Diagnostic confirmation and indication for surgery (30 min.)
    • Breakfast
  • Anesthesiologist Consult:
    • Analytical crossmatch blood and blood products subject
    • Chest X-ray and EKG
    • Diagnosis anesthetist
    • Approximate time 2 hours
  • Overnight at hotel

Day 2

  • Join clinical throughout the morning and fasting for 8 hours prior to the scheduled surgery.
  • Top intervention at 9.00 h.
  • Placing a strip
  • Join ground in a single room with bed for companion

Day 3

  • Withdrawal of drains and placing bra
  • Discharge after the surgeon's assessment
  • Transfer to hotel

Day 4

  • Visit the clinic for performing a cure by the specialist

Day 5 a 8

  • The patient stays in the hotel and home, can make all the activities recommended by the doctor

Day 9

  • Removal of stitches
  • Withdrawal of drains
  • High final patient



  • En el supuesto que la intervención fuera descartada por el cirujano y/o el anestesista, la paciente deberá abonar las consultas y pruebas realizadas.


  • La paciente recibirá información detallada de las técnicas y equipos utilizados previamente a su viaje a la clínica.


Frequently asked questions

Do the implants influence in the emerging of breast cancer?

There is no evidence that prosthesis cause breast cancer.

Do prostheses affect to fertility?

In any case.

Is the prosthesis maintained as the beginning in case of new pregnancy?

If during pregnancy the breast skin is hydrated and a containted bra is used, there is no need to be altered neither the form and the aesthetics of your breast.

Can a woman breastfeed with implants?

Yes. There is no contraindications to breastfeeding.

Should we change the prosthesis over time?

Today we can not say that prosthesis is forever but there is no time period after the need of replacement of the prosthesis. There are surgical patients over 25 who have not needed a replacement of prosthesis. Anual visit to doctors are recommended and do an evaluation.

Can break the prosthesis?

Prostheses are prepared to not break, however, can be broken accidentally by violent direct trauma to the chest area. In case of breakage of an implant is indicated removal and replacement with a new one.

Is it painful?

Postoperative discomfort experienced by the patient in the form of inflammation and pain, depend essentially on the plane implant placement. In any case, are easily controllable with the use of analgesics and anti-inflammatories.

What are the risks?

In principle complications are the same as those of any surgical procedure due to anesthesia, hematoma or chance of infection. Transient alterations in the sensitivity of both excess breast (hyperesthesia) as default (hypoesthesia) may also occur.

Capsular contracture is a specific complication of surgery caused by shrinkage of the tissue around the implant, which compressed by changing its shape, and even causing pain and functional disability of the patient. It can affect one or both breasts. The resolution of this process involves further surgery for removal of the capsule thickened.

How long is the hospitalizaion?

The patient should be entered in 24-hour clinic.

How many days are needed to return to a normal life?

For jobs that do not require patient effort can be incorporated into the 3 or 4 days. For sports is advisable to wait a month.

What precautions should I take?

After the intervention of an elastic bandage is removed after 24 hours and replaced with a sports bra type chest containing loosely placed or mark form.

How long will the final results be seen?

Missing swelling and bruising (if any) the breast reaches a normal appearance in about 7 days, but the size and definitively not reached until the month or two after surgery.

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