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Presbyopia surgery involves implanting an intraocular lens as replacement of eye lens, which no longer works, to recover near vision. (Usually from fifty)



Operating Time:20 to 30 minutes each eye.

Anesthesia:Usually with anesthetic eye drops

Hospitalization:Not required.

Aftercare:Do not touch your eyes. Instillation of eye drops as you are prompted. Returning to normal life between five and seven days.



Before your trip:

• In order to prepare your case and give you a final price, it is advisable to send us reports from other specialists if you possess them.

• In this way the patient will receive detailed information on techniques and equipment used previouly to their trip to the clinic

• The patient may contract with the hotel a extended stay that it is required for the surgical procedure

• If surgery were discarded, the consultation and tests must be paid

Day 1

  • Arrival at the clinic
  • Ophthalmology Consultation
    • Study your eye health
    • Refractive state evaluation
    • Confirmation of suitability for surgery
  • Transfer to the hotel

Day 2

  • Admission to the clinic at 08.30 h., Fasted for over 6 hours.
  • Pupillary dilation during 45 minutes
  • Beginning of the intervention at 09,15 h
  • Return to the hotel with topical therapy

Day 3

  • Visit after 24 hours
  • Confirmation of the treatment protocol

Day 7

  • Visual and refractive evaluation )
  • Eye exam
  • Prescription of treatment for the next two weeks
  • Discarded



  • The patient will receive detailed information about the equipment and techniques preoperatively used.


Frequently asked Questions

Is the intervention painful?

The procedure is absolutely painless. Logical pressure of the manipulation and flow of serum in the eye is felt.

In the first 24 hours of postoperative, more or less intense discomfort, depending on the each case, are felt but the can be relieved with the medication. After 24 hours the discomfort is mild or nonexistent.

Can you play sports?

We usually recommend delaying the sport activity the first five or seven days. During the first month should not practice abrupt sports in order not to receive a trauma in the eye. Acording to Swimming, we recommend to wait one week.

We recommend using sunglasses with adequate UV filter when doing outdoor activities.

Is it a dangerous surgery?

All surgery carries some risk of complications but the actual incidence of serious risk is between 2 and 5%. In our cases is lower than 2%.

How long will I find completely recovered?

Although one or two days is good enough to have a a good vision, optimal vision is achieved after a month.

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