Foto depilación Láser, Cádiz, Costa de la Luz

Laser Photodepilation


The most used techniques for hair removal have always been: waxes, tweezers, shaving and electric epilation. All of them need continuous repetition.

With the appearance of this technology, the demand for this type of treatment has increased significantly because it is considered as the only permanent hair removal technique.

The photo light is delivered into the hair follicle at the right dose, the follicle is destroyed so that it cannot develop any hair, this secures no hair growth in the future. The hair growth reduces significantly after each photoepilation session. However, the hair grows in several phases and photo light can only affect the currently active growing hair follicles. Hence, several sessions are needed to kill hair in all phases of growth.



For your hair removal treatment, take into account the following considerations:The number of sessions depends on each patient, depending on the degree of skin pigmentation, and the density and colour of the hair(a simple observation, from 8 to 10 sessions). It is imperative that during the 3-4 weeks prior to the treatment, patients should avoid any method of hair removal (waxing, plucking, creams, electric epilation ...). You can only SHAVE. However, 4-5 days before the treatmentthere is no need for any hair removal, aswe shave the patientjust before the session.

  • Do not dye or bleach your hair 1 month before the session.
  • Avoid sunbathing or sunbeds 1 month before the session.
  • An hour before the treatment, apply an anaesthetic cream (EMLA), if it is possible, occlusive, and cover the area with plastic film.

Immediately after finishing the session the area can suffer certain swelling and redness that will disappear quickly.In some cases, it is possible to apply after the sessiona steroid cream and then moisturising cream.

It is a painless procedure most of the time and without side effects.


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