Área de Quirófano

Operating Area

The surgical area is over 30m² and has three general operating rooms and a delivery room. There is also a post-operative reanimation unit where patients stay until their complete recovery from anaesthesia before they are taken to their hospital room. The hospital has also an Intensive Care Unit where our high-risk surgical patients stay after an operation or for patients undergoing a complex intervention.

The operating rooms are equipped with the most innovative surgical technology where scheduled as well as urgent surgical interventions are done, including Neurosurgery and Cardiac Surgery.

Resourses and Equipment

Besides the conventional resources in an operating room, we have neurosurgical, ophthalmological and ORL microscopes, endoscopy equipment for laparoscopies arthroscopies, harmonic scalpel and LigaSure, radio-frequency system, Image Intensifier, Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, excimer laser, phacoemulsificator.

Surgical Interventions

The surgical interventions are performed as outpatient cases or as short stay surgery, so the patient must stay in the clinic some hours or a maximum one or two days and then go back home or to their hotel. The short stay surgery and the Major Outpatient Surgery, as it is known nowadays, are possible thanks to great technological resources and a professional team specialising in these kind of techniques with all these advantages:

  • Minimally invasive surgery (Endoscopic)
  • Allows the patient returning to his/her own environment where the patient is much more comfortable than in a hospital.
  • Interventions that do not involve high risk of pain or bleeding.


Servicies and Medical equipment

Besides the surgical area, our hospital has different services to get the best results, including post-surgical recovery and health and safety for our patients.




Emergency Department

This service is provided by medical staff with extensive experience in this area and also by the nursing staff. Both categories have hospital training. This staff is reinforced by permanent specialists: orthopaedic specialist, paediatrician, cardiologist, gynaecologist, general surgeon, otorhinolaryngologist, anaesthetist and intensivist.





CT scanner and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) are connected to a specialized 24 hour service for radiological reports that enables the emergency doctors to get the results very quickly.


The Laboratory is located in the ground floor of the Clinic. It is a great support to surgical and clinical services at the Hospital. It works 24 hours and is equipped with haematology, biochemistry, bacteriology and clinical immunology.




Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

This department is over 300m² and is the ideal place for rehabilitation and physiotherapy for common orthopaedic problems, neurological rehabilitation and treatments for patients with injuries caused by traffic accidents. It is equipped with conventional mechanotherapy and electrotherapy.





The rooms for hospitalisation are located in the top floor and are single rooms with a spare bed for a companion. All are comfortable, bright rooms, surrounded by pretty gardens. This is a fundamental element in the post- surgery recovery of the patients.
Rooms have internet and TV with foreign and national channels. Spacious and bright rooms that are decorated completely different from the appearance of a traditional hospital make the stay in the clinic much more comfortable.


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